Latest mpd packages for Debian

Building an installation package for Debian with the latest version of mpd is easy, right?

Sure, as long as you’re working on a Debian (or ubuntu) host. Therefore I’ve created the make-debian-mpd-chroot bash script, which lets me do just that, but on a host running Arch (or Fedora and friends).

The script uses debootstrap to create a virgin debian chroot, which is started as a virtual machine using systemd-nspawn, and automagically builds the latest mpd (music player daemon) package for Debian inside the virtual machine. When done building, the script copies the resulting package back from the virtual machine to the directory where the script was started, so it can be distributed and installed to a Debian host designed for high quality music playback.

It is intended to be run on a non-debian system, like arch. Users of debian and ubuntu may be better of using git-buildpackage for this purpose.


export scriptname="make-debian-mpd-chroot"
export url="${scriptname}"
wget -q "${url}" || curl -s -k -o "${scriptname}" "${url}"
sudo bash ${scriptname}

Of course both debootstrapping a system and compiling mpd from source take a while. On my 8GB Intel core i3 using SSD storage, the whole process takes about ten minutes. This results in mpd_0.19.9-1_amd64.deb (current version in Debian maintainers git repository) in the directory where the script is started from.

Technical details are available in the code and in the README in the git repository on github.

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