Quimup packages for Ubuntu and Debian

IconIn the quimup-packaging repository on github, I track releases of Quimup (formerly known as Guimup), another graphical MPD-client written in Qt5. One may use the repository to create the corresponding installation packages for Ubuntu and Debian, or use the packages I’ve created.


Using and installing the packages

Quimup on Ubuntu

Ubuntu users can use the corresponding PPA for easy package installation by opening a terminal window (by pressing CTRL+ALT+T on the keyboard) and copying/pasting the following text, followed by pressing ENTER:


Quimup on Debian

Users of Debian can install quimup using the following actions from the command line, which involves importing my public gpg key from MIT’s keyserver in to apt, and then adding my custom apt repository.

Alternatively, you can just download a single deb:

Quimup packages are available for all current Debian versions (amd64 only) and can be downloaded directly from https://lacocina.nl/packages/.


Looking for other distibutions?
The upstream developer keeps a list, an arch package is available in the aur.
Notice a problem with the (upstream) software itself?
Please contact the upstream developer.
Have a bug regarding Debian and Ubuntu packaging?
Please submit a new bug in the appropriate issue tracker on github

Packaging updates


Current packages

Quimup Distribution  Release
1.4.0 Ubuntu 15.10, 15.04, 14.10, 14.04 LTS
Debian jessie/stable (8), stretch/testing, sid/unstable
1.3.2 (n.a.) (n.a.)
1.3.1 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 12.10, 13.04.1 and 13.10.1
Debian squeeze(6), wheezy (7)

Technical details

From upstream tarball to local Debian packages and an Ubuntu ppa

After creating a basic working structure for packaging, I built the packages using the workflow described in PackagingWithGit on the Debian Wiki. For it to work reasonably smooth, I use the following branch layout:

When the original tarball from Sourceforge is updated by Coon, you can update the master branch in the git repository using:


This updates the (pristine) sources from the latest Sourceforge tarball in the upstream/x.y.z branch, while having the debian-version tagged branch in debian/x.y.z-a and leaving my packaging work intact in the master branch. Super!

The changes in the github branch are automatically pulled by the bzr branch in launchpad on a daily basis. From that bzr branch I’ve created a daily packaging recipe, which builds packages for recent Ubuntu releases as soon as a change is detected in the bzr branch.


Obligatory screenshots

Quimup 1.3.1 – Media browser (by Year)

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