Script to download and host google web fonts and generate css: best-served-local

Local Google web font hosting made easy, controllable and automated Changelog (last update: Oct 11, 2016) Comments Source code Bugs () The bash script best-served-local makes downloading and self-hosting a Google web font as easy as running the following command in a terminal: bash <(wget -q -O – "" >dev/null) "Roboto:100,900" This will download the […]

Latest mpd packages for Debian

Building an installation package for Debian with the latest version of mpd is easy, right? Sure, as long as you’re working on a Debian (or ubuntu) host. Therefore I’ve created the make-debian-mpd-chroot bash script, which lets me do just that, but on a host running Arch (or Fedora and friends). The script uses debootstrap to […]

A comprehensive guide to bit perfect digital audio using Linux

Comments () Among audio and music lovers who use digital audio, bit perfect audio playback is hot. Time to explore the term and its backgrounds and guide you in setting up your own system. What’s in a name? Often the notion of “bit perfect” is used to describe audio playback systems that don’t alter audio […]

Quimup packages for Ubuntu and Debian

In the quimup-packaging repository on github, I track releases of Quimup (formerly known as Guimup), another graphical MPD-client written in Qt5. One may use the repository to create the corresponding installation packages for Ubuntu and Debian, or use the packages I’ve created.   Using and installing the packages Quimup on Ubuntu Ubuntu users can use the […]

Getting rid of pulseaudio without breaking your system

When you want to configure linux for bit perfect audio playback, pulseaudio can get in the way. This article explains how you can disable pulseaudio easily, without breaking your applications and package management. Furthermore the working of pulseaudio and the relationship with alsa is explained.